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Dalby Information and Tourist Centre

So we are on our way to Jimbour, Dalby Trip Day 2

As we started Day 2 of our trip out west of Brisbane our first stop for the day was to the Dalby Information Centre. As I said on Day 1 we hadn’t really planned our road trip too much and we just knew the areas we … >>

Fast and Furious Brisbane Furious 7

Fast and Furious 7 has a release date for Brisbane

Furious 7, Fast and Furious 7 or the Fast & Furious 7 has its release date for Brisbane now and we are excited in our household for this movie to be on at the cinemas soon. We won tickets to the last Fast and … >>

Drovers Motor Inn Dalby Travel Holiday Hotel Motel

Day One and we are off to Dalby

As I said prior we decided to head off to Dalby over breakfast with no real plans in place other than we knew we had to reach Dalby before the evening. We headed off around mid afternoon and travelled the 220km to get … >>

Cardio or Weights, Treadmill or Gym

Cardio or Weights, which one first?

The debate whether to do cardio or weights first in your training is an old question that I still see popping up a lot and also overhear around the place. My thoughts on this are pretty much sitting on the fence, as … >>

The Moustachery Barber Shop

The Moustachery Bulimba, my next Brisbane Barber

The time had come for my next cut and beard trim, it had been a while and the fro was starting to get out of control and the beard was looking scruffy too, so I looked at my Brisbane barber list and it was time to pay … >>

The Drovers Motor Inn Dalby Queensland Travel

A short holiday road trip out West, first stop Dalby

What does our family do over the Christmas holidays, a short holiday road trip, because that’s what we normally do.... This year was no different with a late decision to head out to Dalby and also the Roma area, which … >>